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Here at David Murphy Towing we are known across Northern Ireland for fitting towbars of every size and variety to a range of vehicles.

Investing in a towbar not only adds value to your car when you choose to sell it, but while you’re using the vehicle it will open up a wealth of space and towing opportunities with a single accessory.

And while there are many elements to consider before choosing a towbar - from the load you’ll be towing to the weight restrictions of your car - you may also have concerns around how the load will affect the signalling and driving safety of your journey.

For this, you may look to purchase an electrics towbar in Northern Ireland.

Electrics towbars come with connector pins. It is this connection between your vehicle and the trailer or caravan that ensures the back end of your load shows the same lighting signals to cars behind you as those you are activating in your car - such as tail lights and indicators. It’s a vital component of towbar and trailer safety.

You will see two main designs in electrics towbars in Northern Ireland - both the 7 pin and 13 pin connectors being used widely across Europe, although the 13 pin is now more common and was developed specifically to work with the complicated electrical systems of modern car models.

Here at David Murphy Towing, we are renowned for expertly fitting towbars so we know how to advise you on the best size, fit and model to match your vehicle’s towing capacity.

We can also assist those who have difficulty sourcing a towbar for the make and model of their car; be they luxury, unique or even classic vehicles as well as offering additional advice on current legal restrictions around towing for road safety in Northern Ireland and beyond.

Found on the outskirts of Belfast city in Northern Ireland, David Murphy Towing is a quality secured member of the National Trailer and Towing Association (NTTA).

Retractable Towbar

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The latest type of towbar is the retractable towbar. These offer the same advantages as the detachable towbar. Furthermore, it is no longer necessary to store the detached towball in the boot, because it retracts under the bumper

Retractable Towbars Northern Ireland